Brady news offers relief from crisis as sports world comes back to life for brief moment

WILLIAMSPORT—The world we know has shifted gears so dramatically it might never be the same again for anybody.

We are living in strange times indeed and things are about to get a little more bizarre. Tom Brady announced through his countless streams of social media he will no longer be playing for the New England Patriots. In his typical charming style, he thanked the fans and ownership for everything. He also thanked countless teammates. The Patriots ownership and players also wished him the best as he made everything official Tuesday morning.

As this story runs the rumor is Brady will likely be signing with Tampa Bay. 

We knew the QB landscape was going to shift as the offseason started its quick run to a finish Monday with players signing all over the league. Yes, plenty of players will be sporting new colors and helmets, even the ones not heading to a team in the middle of a uniform or logo change, but Tom Brady is different.

“It’s shocking,” Loyalsock football coach Justin Van Fleet said. “What are the Patriots going to do? It will be neat to see where he lands. Change is exciting.”

This is Michael Jordan going to the Wizards. Peyton Manning heading to the Broncos. Joe Montana joining the Chiefs. Shaq departing Los Angeles for Miami. The football world will likely not be the same, even with the new CBA and current crisis across the County.

Brady has been a fixture in the NFL for 20 seasons. He’s the most successful quarterback to ever play the game and he’s done it all in a Patriot’s uniform. Let’s take a look at those accomplishments. For those counting that’s six Super Bowl titles, nine Super Bowl appearances, 17 AFC East Titles, including 11 straight, four Super Bowl MVPs, five All-Pro designations, two Offensive Player of the Year awards, and 14 Pro Bowls.

Brady has become a legend even while still playing. It will be shocking to see him run out in a different uniform, but these are shocking times. Regardless of where the NFL’s best quarterback signed it would come with plenty of coverage and celebration or frustration depending on who you’re rooting for. Probably won’t be seeing much sympathy even for the most broken up New England fans.

“As an Eagles fan I say good riddance,” Williamsport football coach Chuck Cruz said with a laugh. “His career is unprecedented. He’s a first-ballot hall of famer. He’s the G.O.A.T. You can never question his work ethic. Having said that I would be headed to a dome if I were him.”  

It’s always been the Patriots way to move on from older players, but Brady appeared to be different. It would be great to see him continue his magical career. It would even be great to see him beat the Patriots to record a win against every team in the league.

After the announcement Tuesday morning we are all going to get a chance to see him attempt to win in another uniform. As the current situations progress and we attempt to overcome these difficult times, attempting to figure out just how Brady will look in a new uniform will be fun. It will give us all something to ponder for the next couple days or even months ahead and it will be enjoyable. It will be a relief from the craziness.

“I’m a little different than most Steelers fans,” Montoursville football coach JC Keefer said. “I love watching him come out on the field and getting booed by fans. He earned the respect of the fans and did it the right way. I wish he would retire a Patriot. I will remember him as a Patriot.”

The move will cost the Patriots 13.5 million in dead money as Brady moves on to new pastures. The numbers hardly matter for either party as it would seem the wheels toward this conclusion have officially started spinning.

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