WALL Major Baseball Field 2021

Homeplate sits at the Major Baseball Field located in Brandon Park. The City of Williamsport signed a five-year lease with Williamsport Area Little League to start fixing the fields up. Practices and even some games may be starting soon. 

Williamsport, Pa. — The home of Little League baseball will be getting one of its most cherished leagues back as Williamsport Area Little League makes a return to Brandon Park.

President Ron Diemer has headed a campaign to return WALL to its original home. Recently, Williamsport City Council gave the league a five-year lease to breathe new life into the fields and start playing games within the city.

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“This current board at Williamsport Area Little League, Councilman Jon Mackey said best when he said their energy and commitment to the community is unmatched,” Williamsport City Councilman Adam Yoder said.

“It’s great for us to be able to tap into that a little bit," Yoder continued.

Brandon Park was the longtime home for Brandon Little League until it changed its name to represent the city. Due to the lack of care, the fields fell into disrepair, forcing WALL to move its operation to Old Lycoming.

That will change as Diemer and his team look to start practicing on the field as soon as possible.

“It’s great that we have them back,” Yoder said.

“There are a lot of kids in the city that are around here. It makes it easier for them. It just makes them think about other stuff because they are seeing it happen. It’s important," he said.