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The 2020 Pennsylvania Primary Elections, rescheduled in April due to COVID-19 social distancing recommendations, will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2.

The primary elections are held in the spring to determine which candidates will appear on the ballot in the November general elections. Pennsylvania operates on a closed primary election structure, meaning that only voters registered under Democrat or Republican parties are eligible to vote tomorrow. 

PA Act 77 of 2019 changed the structure of voting for this election, and those to come, by allowing all registered Pennsylvania voters to request a mail-in ballot. Previously, the absentee ballot was available to residents of municipalities who, for various reasons, could not be present at their designated polling place on voting day. This new mail-in ballot option means that many Pennsylvania voters have already cast their ballots in this primary election. 

A main topic of conversation for this election season is the Presidency; however, voters tomorrow will cast their votes for Congressional Representatives of Districts 9, 12, and 15, as well as PA Attorney General, PA Auditor General, PA State Treasurer, and several state house and state senate seats. 

The names of the winners of these primary elections will appear on the general election ballots on Nov. 3. 

Also on the ballots are the parties’ delegates to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in August, at which each party’s 2020 presidential candidate and party agenda will be determined. 

The following is a list of sample ballots for tomorrow’s primary election race that will provide the names of offices up for election in your municipality, as well as the candidates running for each so that you can read about them and determine who has earned your vote before you take to the polls tomorrow. 

Bradford County 

Centre County

Clinton County

Columbia County

Lycoming County

Montour County

Northumberland County

Potter County

Snyder County

Sullivan County

Tioga County

Union County

If you plan to vote in-person, be sure to check ahead for the location of your polling place. Some have changed due to COVID-19 restrictions.