US Stronger Than Ever, Trump Says At Independence Day Speech

In a spirited Independence Day speech, President Donald Trump said the United States is stronger than ever. Addressing a large crowd at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Thursday, the President commended the bravery of the US military as well as the firefighters, first responders, police, sheriffs, ICE, border patrol and the law enforcement personnel. Trump took the stage with first lady Melania Trump, and avoided politics in the speech. Air Force One flew overhead as the two greeted the crowd, which broke into a "USA" chant. Several separate flyovers of military aircraft took place as Trump spoke about the legacy of the armed forces. During his 45-minute speech, Trump also touched on the Revolutionary War, the Civil Rights movement, the moon landing and the service of law enforcement and the armed forces. The president recalled the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. He recognized Gene Kranz, the NASA flight director from that mission, and promised that the U.S. will "plant the American flag on Mars" in the near future. Trump recognized each branch of the armed forces, and reiterated his decision to add a new wing to the US Military - the Space Force. The presidential speech was followed by a concert on the Capitol Building lawn and a fireworks display. The Opposition Democratic leaders criticized the President for politicizing the historical July 4 event and wasting money. The National Park Service reportedly spent around $2.5 million for the extravaganza. As the President was delivering his address, leftist protesters burned the national flag and clashed with Pro-Trump protesters.