Al Green's Move To Impeach Trump Fails Once Again

For a third time, the U.S. House of Representatives voted down Democratic Congressman Al Green's move to impeach President Donald Trump. The vote was a clear message that Democrats are not yet ready to impeach Trump despite enjoying majority in the lower house. 332 lawmakers voted against Al Green's articles of impeachment while 95 supported it. "We've just received an overwhelming vote against impeachment and that's the end of it," said Trump, who was on his way to address a Republican rally for the 20202 election. "It's time to get back to work." However, Green was happy there was an increase in support for his impeachment resolution, as he received 29 more votes than in his second attempt. "In my opinion, it didn't fail. We got 95 votes this time, 66 the last time. So that's a plus. But whether we get 95 or 5, the point is we have to make a statement," he told reporters. Green's previous two attempts to force an impeachment vote were also unsuccessful. Announcing his renewed effort to impeach the President, Green claimed Trump's bigotry is causing harm to society. "These articles of impeachment are representative of the boiling point many Americans have reached as President Trump consistently spews racist rhetoric and finds ways to infuse it into policy and persistently aims to separate children from their parents," Green said before introducing the motion. "The President continues to be reckless, ruthless, lawless and, ultimately, unfit to hold the highest office in the land," according to the Democrat, who represents the 9th District of Texas.