From Joel Henderson's Facebook Page, with permission:

5/24/18 Council Meeting Update:

The first item to be handled last night was the request for demolition for the former YMCA building. This building was purchased by Mr. Klingerman during the development of the Liberty Arena Project. Mr Klingerman stated on several occasions that he had plans to develop and reuse the building not demolish it. For years the structure stood without any real effort to preserve or secure it and over time it has fallen into costly disrepair. Mr Klingerman was to give a "good-faith effort" to save the building. Unfortunately, "good-faith effort" is extremely difficult to define and enforce. Perhaps, more clear and direct wording in the original agreements would have prevented the current difficulty. Mr Klingerman then sold the building to Mr Logue who made no such promises to the city concerning the building. After deliberation and discussion council voted 5-1 to deny the request for demolition. My vote was the dissenting vote not because I wish for the building to be demolished, but because I do not believe the city should enter into a potentially costly legal battle which I feel we cannot win. In either case, I agree with the sentiment voiced by council in its denial of the demolition. We will see how this plays out legally, at least (for now) the building is still standing (which is the desire of every Council member).

The local match was certified for the State Operating Financial Assistance for RVT last night. The local match for this 4.3 million dollar assistance is $386,580. This local match will initially be paid by the city over two years, but will be reimbursed by 20 or so local partners who benefit from the bus services in various ways. These local partners will be invoiced by RVT which will then be invoice by the city so that the city becomes a pass-through for this local match money.

Another 4.8 million dollar capital projects consolidated grant application was approved for various projects that RVT is pursuing including Trade and Transit I renovations, Garage and office enhancements, IT equipment and a possible skywalk bridge to complete the Trade and Transit II connection.

The submission of a 2 million dollar Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program grant application was approved for the first part of the East Third Street/Lycoming College Gateway Project. The city will apply for the grant and pass it on to Lycoming College for the work to be done in the Franklin and Basin street area.

The construction contracts for the expansion of RVT's Compressed Natural Gas Fueling project. Penn DOT is funding this project which will add another pump to the fueling station among other upgrades.

There were a few other action items but those are the main points. At the end of the meeting there were several statements made concerning the recent actions by the Mayor and Water Authority. I have posted my full statement in another post earlier today. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks