We Live in a Political Bubble

Mary Kilgus, Candidate for Lycoming County Judge


...there are more voters than there are great political ideas.

The race for Lycoming County Judge has presented a great opportunity to bring forth those ideas and give them expression.

I have decided to run as an Independent for Judge of Common Pleas, adding my name to the race alongside the already declared Republican and Democratic candidates. I intend to balance the mix for the position, from a place where frankly, I feel the most comfortable politically, given that political bias in a race for Judge should be approached with extreme caution.

As one of three diverse candidates, I hope to add a friction that will lead to energy, and dialogue. A raw competition of ideas, which in turn will create distinct perspectives.

Competition of ideas is the most beautiful attribute of American democracy, and in a small community like ours, what possible beneficial reason could there be to resist an examination of each and every candidate?

Throughout my candidacy, I hope to persuade you of my love of law and how the rule of law facilitates justice.

Of how my vast experience in not only criminal, but also civil law has informed my experience, and how my extensive service on public boards, and non-profit and philanthropic organizations has broadened my awareness and understanding of community issues.

I look forward to sharing my views with you, the voters, in an effort to satisfy any of your concerns regarding my capacity to fulfill the position as your county judge.

Mary Kilgus, Candidate for Lycoming County Judge