The fury over some NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem at the start of a football game continues as the season marches towards the playoffs.

I have another angle to look at regarding "Patriotism". How many people eligible to vote in Tuesday election will do so?

I'm not asking if you stand up in your living room or in a bar at the beginning of a televised sporting event. That's your private business in your own home. 

But I will ask if you're planning to vote in this upcoming election.

The nation asks each of us who are at least 18 years old to make democracy strong by exercising your right to vote. Twice each year, in primary and general elections, it preserves the idea that each of us gives our voice to help decide who will represent us in government. 

This coming election is a much better way to show you care about the future of the Country than standing in your living room is. 

Throughout history, nations rise and fall. They don't fall because of people not standing for a song. Sometimes they fall because no one can be bothered to take part in the hard work of politics, representation and leadership. Sometimes they fall from corruption that took over when no one could be bothered to stop it. 

Voting is not someone else's job. It's all of our jobs. Twice a year. Get there and take 10 minutes to  strengthen our nation. 

You can find sample ballots on most County web sites these days. Here is a link to the Lycoming County sample ballots: 

Any other questions? Take a look at Pennsylvanis's Voter website which has tons of helpful information including how to find your polling place: