That six years went by quickly!

In September 2009 the staff of Kolb Net Works, a Williamsport based web design company, launched the local news web site. 

Through the years so far, some of our ideas have worked well, some not so well. We keep making adjustments to our efforts based on user input. One thing we didn't foresee was the Facebook popularity an active, local web site could have. 

As of October, 2015 we have over 17,000 followers to our Facebook page and posts — See 

Our posts promote the content on the web site along with local events and breaking news. We've received many positive comments about our real time news coverage helping people avoid traffic jams due to vehicle accidents.

The Facebook posts are one of the few places that people concerned about our area can discuss the issues we face. Stories about armed robberies or overdoses seem to get the most attention and spur the most discussion. 

We welcome your opinion as we go forward. We welcome your business advertising to better fund this local news effort. 

Our Wishlist:

More Advertisers — News gathering and publishing is labor intensive. It takes money to do it well. We place local ads next to high quality local news content. We reach Mobile Cell Phone users where they are looking ... on their phones. More advertisers would allow us to gather more news. Call Sales at 570-326-2888 for ad information.

More content contributors — We'd like to become a place for local voices and opinions. Where civil discussion can be had about issues that affect all of us who live in the area.Student writers, poetry, art works and the like.

Facebook reach — Posts on Facebook only go out to a part of the followers. Please select "Get Notifications" on our Facebook page in order to get more of our Facebook posts. 

Video — we'd like to provide a showcase YouTube channel for local video of many types.

Web Sites — if your business needs a new web site, please call Kolb Net Works at 326-2888. The better that Kolb Net Works does, the better does. 

Thanks for being with us as we grow into the next generation of local newspaper, online. Tell us when we make mistakes. Share your news with us. tell your friends about us. Include on your Press email list.


From the Publisher, Kathy Kolb