Happy New Year! Welcome to the year we call 2015.

As we consider what we can do to improve ourselves in this coming year, let us also consider what we can do to improve our communities.

Personal resolutions for weight loss and the like are fine, but can we also broaden our view a bit to include some of our surroundings.

Many times when we post a crime incident to Facebook at www.Facebook.com/NorthcentralPa, the comments posted get harsh and judgemental, sometimes they are even hateful. I suspect some of this is because we are deeply disturbed by the incident happening in our neighborhood, but don't know what to do about it.

So, along with personal improvement resolutions today, consider one or more of the following community activities for the New Year.

If you have a family and kids, invest more time with your children. Read with them daily, walk with them, plan a sit down together dinner with them once / week. Work at being family together.

Volunteer at one of our community's Non Profit Organizations that work to lift up the less fortunate among us and improve our community: Volunteer Fire Departments, Saint Anthony's Center, Firetree Place (The Center), Salvation Army, American Rescue Workers, Red Cross, Big Brothers / Sisters, JV Brown library, Susquehanna Health, your local school, etc.

Often a volunteer will discover that in the service of others, one helps themselves just as much. It's an amazing effect!

So this year, I encourage you to not just resolve to help yourself, but to invest more time in our Community as well. Happy New Year!