At the #UMCUnplugged concert, Saturday evening at the CTL auditorium, Williamsport, Pa. 

My husband, Lou Kolb, and I went out on the town Saturday night and I want to share a few thoughts about it with you.

We enjoyed a multiple course dinner at the Saffron Grill at 1164 West Fourth St., Wmspt where the chef, Maher Hedhli, brings French, North African, and Italian dishes to life with his expert sense of flavors and ingredients. Eating here is always a real delight. Its a BYOB place and prices are a bit high, but its worth every penny in my opinion. This eatery could hold its own in any big city. I sincerely hope that it continues to thrive here.

Then we attended the Uptown Music Collective's Unplugged Generation Grunge concert starring local teenage musicians and tech support. Held in the beautiful Community Theatre League venue, the kids showed off a well honed concert, that they certainly seemed to have great fun performing.

Seeing the kids play with such talent and enthusiasm always gives me hope for the future. These young people learn how to work as a team in order to accomplish what just one of them couldn't. 

For the finale I counted more than 20 kids on the stage making music together. There was probably another 20 people behind the scenes helping with costume, tech, sound, lights and manning the lobby table. It was truly a team effort. Hat's off to Director Dave Brumbaugh and his wonderful team. 

Putting these two events into one night led me to think about culture in Williamsport. From the excellent gourmet food to the inspiring music concert, Williamsport is a wonderful place for culture.

If it were smaller, we might not have enough volunteers, talent and a large enough market for these types of things to thrive. If it had double the population, then everyone wouldn't know everyone and it would be a different social mix. 

I think Williamsport, is at a very good place as far as what's happening and what's possible. I'm happy to be here.