From PennDOT in Montoursville, PA –  Motorists in north central Pennsylvania are advised roads are closed in the area due to flooding. The following roads currently are closed as of 8 PM:

Bradford County

  • Route 14 from the New York State Line in South Creek Township to Route 4014 (Springfield Road) at Columbia Crossroads in Columbia Township.
  • Route 4024 (Centerville Road) between Berwick Turnpike Road in Ridgebury Township and Wilawana Road in Athens Township.

Columbia County

  • Route 42 between Millville Road in Hemlock Township and Black Run Road in Madison Township.
  • (New) Route 1019 (Kachinka Hollow Road/Freas Avenue/Cemetery Road) between Evansville Road/Martzville Road) in Briar Creek Township and Freas Avenue in Berwick.
  • (New) Route 2003 (Old Reading Road/Kulp Road) between Pine Swamp Road and Duke Road in Roaring Creek Township.
  • (New) Route 3001 (Tyson School Road/Fisherdale Road) between Bear Gap Road and Jefferson Road in Cleveland Township.
  • (New) Route 3008 (Bear Gap Road) between Fisherdale Road and White Church Road in Cleveland Township.
  • Route 3012 (Mt. Zion Road) between Southern Drive in Catawissa and Orchard Drive in Franklin Township.
  • Route 4008 (Back Branch Road) between Millerton Road and White Church Road in Mount Pleasant Township due to downed tree.
  • Route 4009 (Millville Road) between Millertown Road in Mt. Pleasant Township and JTM Enterprises/International Housewares Inc. in the Town of Bloomsburg.
  • Route 4041 (Rohrsburg Road) between Route 487 and Sportsman Club Road in Orange Township.
  • Route 4034 (Mt. Pleasant Road)/Charmund Road) between Boro Alley and Route 487 in Orangeville Borough.
  • Route 4049 (Central Road/Elk Grove Road) between Route 118 in Sugarloaf Township and the Sullivan County line.

Lycoming County

  • Route 14 between Green Hill Road and Laurel Hill Wind Farm in McIntyre Township.
  • (Open) Route 87 between Lower Manor Road and Lower Barbours Road in Plunketts Creek Township.
  • Route 405 between Interstate 180 and Main Street in Muncy Borough.
  • Route 2014 (John Brady Road) between Industrial Park Road in Muncy Creek Township and Route 405 (Water Street) in Muncy Borough.
  • 2014 (Broad Street) at the bridge over Loyalsock Creek in Montoursville Borough.
  • Route 2055 (Chippewa Road) between Route 405 and East Lime Bluff Road in Muncy Creek Township.
  • Route 3001 (Quarry Road) between Hanson Quarry and Route 44 in Limestone Township.
  • Route 3002 (Middle Road) between Van Buren Road and Shed Road in Limestone Township.
  • Route 4001 (Little Pine Creek Road) between Route 44 in Cummings Township and Route 287 in Pine Township.
  • Route 4001 (Little Pine Creek Road) between English Run Road in Pine Township and Little Pine Camp Area Road in Cummings Township.

Montour County

  • Route 54 between Route 254 in Derry Township and Valley Road in Valley Township.
  • Route 54 between Preserve Road and Strick Road in Anthony Township.
  • Route 1004 (Arrowhead Road) between Route 54 and PPL Road in Anthony Township.
  • Route 54 between Preserve Road and Strick Road in Anthony Township.
  • Route 3003 (Narehood Road) between Steckermill Road and Mexico Road in Liberty Township.
  • Route 3004 (Pottsgrove Road/Mooresburg Road) between Liberty Valley Road and Route 45 in Liberty Township.
  • Route 3010 (Steckermill Road) between Route 54 in Derry Township and Narehood Road in Liberty Township.

Northumberland County

  • (New) Route 147 between Ferry Road in Jackson Township and Upper Road in Herndon due to a downed wire.
  • Route 405 between Route 147 and Housels Run Road in West Chillisquaque Township.
  • (New) Route 405 (beginning of Route 405) to Route 45 in West Chillisquaque Township.
  • Route 1025 (Shakespeare Road) between Route 45 and Hobbes Road in East Chillisquaque Township.
  • Route 1027 (South Mill Road/North Mill Road) between Route 642 and Shakespeare Road in East Chillisquaque Township.
  • Route 1029 (Mexico Road/Creek Road/Follmer Road) between Route 642 and the Montour County line in East Chillisquaque Township.
  • Route 3001 (Otto Station Road) between Muth Hill Road and Grively Road in Jackson Township.
  • Route 3024 (Mahantango Creek Road) between Adams Road and Route 225 in Lower Mahanoy Township.
  • Route 4004 (Mile Post Road) between Shikellamy Avenue and Mt. Pleasant Road in Upper Augusta Township.
  • Route 4004 (Mile Post Road) between Snydertown Road in Rush Township and Sunbury Road in Riverside Borough.

Snyder County

  • Route 1003 (Walnut Acres Road) between Route 104 and Scholl Road/Richard Road in Center Township.
  • Route 2009 (Middle Creek Road) between Bake Oven Hill Road in Penn Township and Market Street in Union Township.
  • Route 2009 (Middle Creek Road) between Route 35 in Penn Township and Market Street in Union Township.

Sullivan County

  • Route 220 between Route 405 in Wolf Township and Route 42 in Davidson Township.
  • Route 2002 (Main Street/Nordmont Road) between Peck’s Road in Davidson Township and Nordmont Road in Laporte Township.
  • Route 3005 (Ogdonia Road) between Route 87 in Hillsgrove Township and the Lycoming County line.

Tioga County

  • (Open) Route 2016 (Arnot Road/South Williamson Road) between Landres Road and Sycamore Street in Bloss Township.

Union County

  • Route 1005 (Hospital Drive) between St. Anthony Street and Route 15 in Kelly Township.
  • Route 1008 between River Road and Tabernacle Road in White Deer Township.
  • Route 2005 (Salem Church Road) between Furnace Road and Pheasant Ridge Road in East Buffalo Township.
  • Route 3003 (Cold Run Road) between Creek Road and Stover Road in Lewis Township.
  • Route 3004 (Creek Road) between Davis Road in Hartley Township and Swengel Road in Lewis Township.

Motorists should be alert and drive with caution through the area.

Motorists can check conditions on more than 40,000 roadway miles by visiting www.511PA.com. 511PA, which is free and available 24 hours a day, provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information and access to more than 860 traffic cameras.

511PA is also available through a smartphone application for iPhone and Android devices, by calling 5-1-1, or by following regional Twitter alerts accessible on the 511PA website.