Child Pornography Charges

Williamsport, Pa. — A Williamsport woman was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing three young children, then selling the photos and videos to a man through Facebook Messenger.

Jennifer Louise Whelan, 29, is facing dozens of felony charges for sex trafficking and abuse of the children, who are reported to all be under the age of 13, including one who is less than 6 years old, police say.

Here is what Williamsport Bureau of Police say happened: 

West Virginia law enforcement officers contacted Williamsport Agent Laura Kitko and said they had videos and pictures of young children engaging in sexual activity with an adult. The West Virginia man who had the video, Brandon Warren, had gotten it via Facebook Messenger from Whelan, they said. There were eight videos and five photographs sent by Whelan to Warren between December, 2021 and October of this year.

In one of the videos, Whelan forces a boy, who police say is less than 6-years-old, to insert a sex toy in her vagina while asking him if he “wants to help mommy feel good?” Facebook messages between Whelan and Warren show that Warren has asked for that specific language in the video.

“I’ll throw in a little extra if you tell him it makes mommy feel good and get a good length video,” Warren said. 

Other videos show Whelan exposing and touching a young girl’s vagina, as well as videos and photographs of Whelan forcing the children to touch and kiss her exposed breasts. After sending a batch of photographs, Whelan messages Warren, saying, “Another 250 right? Heehee.”

In another message, Whelan references her abuse of the young girl, telling Warren, “She wanted me to see everything. Just let me know if you wanted to see. Do you like it?”

When questioned, Whelan said Warren had requested the sexual abuse material and said he would “help her out” financially because he knew she was struggling. Records show Warren sent her money in exchange for the videos and photographs via Meta Pay, which Whelan then transferred to her PayPal account. She used the money to pay bills, Whelan told police.

Whelan, W. Third Street, was charged with 14 counts of sex trafficking, 39 counts of taking or sharing child sex abuse photographs or videos, six count of indecent exposure, three counts of aggravated indecent assault of a child, two counts of indecent assault of a child, eight counts of criminal use of a communication device, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and corruption of minors. 

Whelan is being held at Clinton County Correctional Facility. Bail has been denied. Whelan is scheduled for formal arraignment at the Lycoming County Courthouse on Nov. 28 at 8:30 a.m.

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