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Washington Township, Pa. – Two men hunting squirrels on State Game Lands 252 were stopped by a game warden and charged with hunting under the influence of a controlled substance. 

In charges filed Jan. 27, Pennsylvania Game Commission Northcentral Region Warden Harold L. Cole Jr. alleges that Douglas W. Litz, 32, and Bryan T. Post, 34, both of Williamsport, smoked marijuana prior to hunting.

"Litz stated that yes, they did smoke at his house before they left to go hunting," Cole wrote.

Cole said he got a call from Warden Geril Schoonmaker around 10:35 a.m. on Sept. 17 about a minivan parked on Ridge Road in State Game Lands 252, Lycoming County.

"The mini van...registered to Bryan Poust, had the odor of marijuana coming from it and a blue and white glass pipe in plain view in the front seat center console," Cole wrote.

Gun gases, shotgun shells and fluorescent orange clothing also were visible to Schoonmaker, according to the complaint.

Schoonmaker reportedly patrolled the area and saw two hunters come out of the woods in the distance carrying long guns. He made contact with the hunters back at the minivan.

Cole said Schoonmaker checked their hunting licenses, which were current.

"They stated that they had not gotten any squirrels yet and had returned to the van to change shirts and get a .22 caliber rifle instead of using a shotgun," Cole wrote.

When asked by Schoonmaker "if there was a legal reason that the odor of marijuana was coming from them and their clothing," Cole claims that Poust began to fidget and lit a tobacco cigarette. 

"Poust stated that they did not have anything," Cole said.

When asked if they'd been around anyone smoking marijuana, Cole claims that "Litz then looked down at the ground and Poust stated that they had smoked before leaving Litz's house."

Muncy Police Cheif Dorman arrived on the scene and Schoonmaker then "received consent to search the mini van from Poust," Cole said.

Police said they found a blue and white glass pipe, a baggie of marijuana, a box of wrapping papers and a baggie of blue pills believed to be DayQuil.

Each man was charged with one ungraded misdemeanor count each of hunt/fur take under influence of controlled substance and use/possession of drug paraphernalia, and two summary counts of commission regulations violated.

Poust additionally was charged with two ungraded misdemeanor counts of DUI: controlled substance.

Docket sheet - Litz

Docket sheet - Poust