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4 a.m. Update: Westbound I-80 in Union County remains closed through the early morning. Wreckers are methodically removing crashed vehicles and police remain on scene. Expected time to reopen is approximately 12 p.m. today.

10 p.m. Update: I-80 Westbound remains closed with a detour in effect.

8 p.m. Update: Interstate 80 eastbound is now open in Union County. Westbound remains closed with a detour in effect.

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5 p.m. Update: Due to the heavy traffic that is detoured off of Interstate 80, Route 220 northbound near Jersey Shore is backing up. Motorists traveling Route 220 northbound should expect delays.

3:30 p.m. Update: Drone being requested on site. PennDOT's detour is as follows: 

Eastbound traffic heading toward Williamsport is being directed off I-80 at exit 178 and will follow a detour using Route 220 to I-180 before reconnecting with Interstate 80 at the Williamsport interchange.

Westbound traffic heading toward Lock Haven is being directed off I-80 at the 212B/I-180 West/Williamsport exit and will follow a detour using I-180 to Route 220 before reconnecting with I-80 at Williamsport.

This closure is expected to be in effect for several hours. PennDOT will issue an update when the closure has been lifted.

2 p.m. Update: I-80 is now closed in both directions. A westbound detour is in place using Interstate 180 and Route 220. Eastbound is being detoured a the Jersey Shore to Route 220 to I-180.

Reports of a multi-vehicle crash are coming in.

A crash has been reported by multiple readers in White Deer Township, I-80 Easbound. Approximately 15-20 vehicles invovled. Injuries with possible entrapment. 

An email from Evangelical Community Hospital President & CEO Kendra Aucker says the hospital has convened incident command and is preparing to accept a large number of patients from this crash. 

The hospital reports at least one casualty and multiple trauma victims, according to Newsradio 1070 WKOK.

PennDOT warns Interstate 80 Motorists to be alert for blowing or drifting snow

PennDOT is alerting motorists snow squalls have been reported on Interstate 80 near mile markers 202 and 203 in Union County, where some crashes have been reported.

Avoid the area if possible. Updates will follow.

Motorists always should be alert during the winter season for sudden squalls which can strike with little or no warning and quickly cause roads to become snow covered. Heavy squalls also can cause whiteout conditions, virtually eliminating a driver’s visibility.

If motorists do encounter snow squalls while traveling, PennDOT offers this advice:

  • Slow down gradually and drive at a speed that suits conditions.
  • Turn your headlight on.
  • Stay in your lane.
  • Increase your following distance.
  • Stay alert, keep looking as far ahead as possible and be patient.
  • Reduce in-car distractions since your full attention is required.
  • Use defroster and wipers.
  • Turn four-way flashers on.
  • Keep windows and mirrors free of snow and ice.
  • During whiteouts, come to a complete stop only when you can safely get as far off the road as possible or when there is a safe area to do so.
  • Do not stop in the flow of traffic since this could cause a chain-reaction collision.
  • Do not pass a vehicle moving slowly or speed up to get away from a vehicle that is following too closely.
  • Always buckle up and never drink and drive.

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