Wellsboro, Pa. - Tioga County was one of three arbitrary counties named in a state senate inquiry, lead by State Sen. Doug Mastriano, on the legitimacy of the 2020 election. 

Donald Trump won Tioga County by an overwhelming majority.

"The Senator began his one-man quest with a false accusation," began a statement released by Tioga County commissioners Wednesday evening, according to the Tioga Free Press.

"The people of this county have nothing to hide, and Mr. Mastriano knows it. In fact, the only one who has made himself scarce since he made this blunder without the authority of his committee or the Senate, is Doug Mastriano," the statement from commissioners continued.

Mastriano, an ardent supporter of former president Donald Trump, has been leading a questionable crusade on behalf the former White House occupant.

The commissioners said, "A thoughtful process, where other Republican senators worked together, to allow counties to grant access to election information, may have been possible, but Senator Mastriano likely squandered any such opportunity by acting alone."

Pa. law stipulates each county of a certain class, must have at least one minority county commissioner. For example, out of three commissioners, one must be of the opposing party.

"Other Republicans are now scrambling to clean up his mess, again," the commissioners said.

Tioga County is the only county in Pa. whose entire governing majority on its county commission, are all Republican. This was the result from an Independent candidate, who currently is a commissioner, who switched to Republican upon his election.

"Mastriano makes a lot of noise about auditing the elections, but his actual contributions have been to vastly expand mail-in voting, and to ensure no county can provide access to its voting machines," commissioners said.

Commissioners rejected Mastriano's request to obtain Tioga County's voting machines "at this time," believing it would have impacted the ability for Tioga County to implement its voting mechanisms.

The commissioners said, "It is time for Senator Mastriano to withdraw his demands, and to let responsible Republicans get back to work."

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