Photo 11 – 2:30 into the CCTV video, BRONSBURG is observed again with her cellular phone and appears to be taking a video. Your affiant believes this is the same video discovered on the “TAMMY BUTRY” Facebook page referenced above. AUNGST can be seen in the “Trump” baseball cap with the white flagpole and blue flag wrapped around it.

Lycoming County, Pa. – Two individuals from Lycoming County were arrested and charged with breaking into the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. in January. 

Mark R. Aungst, 45, of South Williamsport and Tammy A. Bronsburg (a.k.a. Tammy Butry), 49, of Williamsport were arrested on Thursday. Both were charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct and entering a restricted building.

Bronsburg and Aungst were part of a bus trip organized "via Facebook to go to President Trump's rally in Washington D.C.," according to the criminal affidavit sworn by Special Agent Agent Josh Miller of the FBI. 

Aungst was a last-minute addition to the bus, taking the place of a last-minute drop out, and Bronsburg reportedly "delayed the bus's departure departure from Pennsylvania because she had been waiting at a McDonald's in Williamsport" instead of the actual pick-up location at the McDonald's in Lewisburg, states the affidavit. 

Aungst and Bronsburg were "the last two trip participants to return to the bus" and Aungst reportedly bragged "about being inside the U.S. Capitol" upon returning to the bus, according to Agent Miller. 

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Miller also states that FBI analysts discovered several videos on Bronsburg's Facebook profile, under the name Tammy Butry, which appeared to be shot inside the U.S. Capitol building. FBI analysts noted that an individual resembling Aungst appears in Bronsburg's video.

CCTV video of the Capitol and surrounding areas also verified Bronsburg and Aungst were inside the building, according to Miller. 

Both have been released with bail with the conditions that they do not contact witnesses, travel outside the Middle District, or go to Washington for any reason other than mandated court appearances. 

Aungst and Bronsburg are expected to appear in the District of Columbia Court by Zoom next Tuesday for their prosecution.