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Road conditions during a winter snow storm. Stock photo

Winter driving can certainly pose a number of challenges – sleet, snow, slush, and black ice just to name a few. While you may not always be able to avoid traveling in inclement weather, there are a few steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

You've likely heard them before, but remember these tips to be safe on the road.

• When your headlights are on, your wipers must be on. It’s not only a state law, it is the safe thing to do.

• Do not engage cruise control in inclement weather.

• Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle.

• Keep your gas tank at least half full.

• Avoid sudden stops and starts. Let off the gas if you see brake lights ahead instead of pushing hard on the brakes.

• Use extra caution on bridges and ramps where ice can often form without warning.

• Remember, roads that look wet may actually be frozen, often referred to as “black ice”.

• Do not park or abandon your vehicles on snow emergency routes.

Give yourself more time to get to your destination when inclement weather is in the forecast and arrive in one piece. Visit PennDOT's website for more information on road safety.

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