Tiasha Machuga for City Council

Tiasha Machuga

Submitted by the candidate:

My name is Tiasha Machuga.  I was born and raised in the City of Williamsport where I live with my husband Doug, two children and I am running for City Council. I am a graduate of WASD, and I have an associate degree in business from Newport Business Institute.

I am the Democratic Committee Woman in Williamsport 10. I am a member of the National Organization of Women, Lycoming Women Dems and Lycoming County Progressives.  I am also a social member at our local Democratic Club and the Sons of Italy.

Most of my job experience is in the food service industry. I have managed Old School Pizza for nine years. I run the daily operations, do paperwork, keep the ledger, order supplies and do the dayshift delivery driving. We drive the streets of Williamsport every day and see what does and does not work.  

We currently have a hard-working team on the council.  They are addressing issues, and I will help with the fight for more transparency. This year we will have at least three new members. I want to join the team and help those members and Williamsport’s future mayor bring jobs and new opportunities in our area.  


· Modernize our city’s website to communicate better with residents and stakeholders. Council members are working on the website. I would like to help if it is not finished by 2020.

· Bring transparency into the city budget process by promoting a system designed to accurately reflect assets, liabilities, receipts, and expenditures. 

· Turn Williamsport green by investing in sustainable energy sources. Solar panels and wind turbines on government buildings.

· Help Williamsport’s next mayor develop the city’s economic potential and good paying jobs. 

· Rebuild our city’s parks, including basketball and tennis courts. Public parks are essential to a community.

Every child should have a safe place to play.

Issues details: 

Teamwork and Transparency

Anyone who has worked in the food industry knows to be successful you need to wear many hats and know how to work as part of a team. We need elected officials who will work together for all aspect of the city. It is time for more transparency between departments and residents. To help with this, I would like to enact monthly town halls so residents can have their ideas and concerns addressed. 

As a team, council can help implement ideas from shop owners and residents to improve our city.  As a life-long resident of Williamsport, I, like many of you have seen the issues our city faces firsthand.

The city has a chance to seize a good opportunity-Hemp.  With industrial hemp now being grown in our surrounding communities, this is the perfect time for our city to invest and create manufacturing jobs that will last.  Anything made from plastic hemp can do it better. Plastic is a Petro-chemical (fracking). Hemp is a plant that only takes six months to grow and is bio-degradable.  It is a more sustainable material.  Industrial hemp can be used for clothes, body care, paper, nutrition, even rope. This is the perfect step in moving our city towards the future.

Road Conditions

Williamsport welcomes the world every year to the Little League playoffs and World Series. Wouldn’t it be great if visitors were welcomed with more than a parade on broken, pot-holed filled streets? Williamsport could take the initiative in using sustainable road materials like recycled tires or plastic. We could ask the state to let Williamsport be the guinea pig. We could show the world what we really have to offer.  The city also needs to improve its plowing and removal of snow, especially around the parking meters. If I am honored to serve, I would like to work with streets on this issue in the future.


Every child deserves a safe, clean, well-maintained park. 

We should revitalize our recreation program to provide organized activities and instill a sense of community.

You should vote for me because I am a hard worker and a bold thinker who will be part of the solution to our city’s needs. We need more representation on the council by hard-working members of society. I have spent many hours canvassing for candidates in the past. I have enjoyed speaking and hearing ideas from many residents. I wrote down your ideas and now its time to put them to use. If you are not a taxpayer, you have no right to raise the city’s taxes. If you cannot live in the city and pay its taxes, how do we know what you are doing is really in the city's best interest? 

All these things have prepared me to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a city council member. That includes having an efficient and responsive municipal government.