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Harrisburg, Pa. -- Pennsylvania's $300 weekly unemployment supplement through the Lost Wages Assistance Program is ending due to the fund's depletion.

"No additional payments will be allowed after Sept. 5, 2020," the Pa. Office of Unemployment Compensation said in a press release.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency informed the Pa. Dept. of Labor & Industry that the fund was depleted on Sept. 9.

"This is not an L&I decision," the state unemployment office said. "This decision was made by FEMA. LWA relies on funds administered by FEMA. L&I cannot provide additional funds without further federal action."

Claimants are not able to appeal the decision "since this decision was made by FEMA and not L&I."

Individuals who have not yet received payment for their LWA benefits will still be paid their LWA benefits, "as long as funds are still available through FEMA," the state unemployment office said.

"The federal Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program provided Pennsylvania $1.5 billion to give an extra $300 a week in additional funds to individuals that are unemployed (or partially unemployed) because of COVID-19 from August 1 through September 5," according to the state unemployment office.

Unemployment compensation claimants will continue to receive their normal weekly benefit for other benefit programs that they're currently eligible for.

For more information, visit the Office of Unemployment Compensation website.

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