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Munson, Pa. — A man who was supposed to be fixing up a motorcycle instead reportedly traded it to another man in return for a truck, then claimed the bike had been stolen.

Dawn McGarry contacted the state police in August of 2022 after repeatedly asking for the 2010 black Yamaha motorcycle back from Jeffrey Allen Clark, according to police.

Here's what Trooper Dalton Granville of state police at Rockview said happened:

Clark, 48, agreed to fix the motorcycle for McGarry's boyfriend in 2022 and then later asked him to store the bike on his Mill Street property, which had numerous outbuildings.

She eventually began contacting him to get the motorcycle back and he told her to come to the house to pick it up. But when she got there, the bike was gone and Clark told her it must have been stolen.

When questioned by police, Clark said he'd had the motorcycle for over a year and he believes it was stolen and currently at Shawn Wilkinson's house on Empire Road.

Granville and another trooper went to Wilkinson's house and spotted the motorcycle. Wilkinson had gotten the bike and a van and in return, Clark had gotten a truck. He was not aware Clark didn't own the motorcycle, he added

Clark was charged with felony theft for taking of movable property and theft by deception. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 1 at 10:45 a.m. in front of District Judge Allen Sinclair.

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