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Muncy, Pa. -- Pennsylvania State Police in Montoursville are investigating a loitering incident in which the unknown suspect left bloody tracks in a borough neighborhood last weekend.

The suspect walked along South Main Street in Muncy sometime after 1:40 a.m. June 29, 2019. Police said the suspect sustained an injury, which bled profusely. The wound appeared to be on the suspect's right foot because they left blood footprints as they walked through the neighborhood. Police believe the suspect walked in their bare feet and that they were initially injured at the 300 block of South Main Street.

The suspect allegedly stopped at several parked cars, however nothing was missing from any of the vehicles. Police traced the footprints and noted the actor also walked into the backyard of a residence, onto the front porch and onto the back porch of another residence. The suspect did not cause damage to any property, police said.

The suspect's identity is unknown. It is unknown how the suspect was injured. Police contacted all Lycoming County emergency rooms and medical facilities, but were not able to identify a suspect. Anyone with information may contact Cpl. Jeff Vilello at PSP Montoursville at 570-368-5700.