Cpl Bobby Scott petition

A petition is circulating on Change.org to reinstate the position of Blossburg Police Corporal Bobby Scott. 

Shared with permission from First News Now
Blossburg, Pa. - Blossburg Borough Police Officer just wants his job back and is fighting to do just that, as a petition circulates across social media.

According to Cpl. Scott, in October of 2020, he took some time off for personal reasons to improve his mental health. Upon attempting to return to work with a medical clearance in November of 2020, Corporal Bobby Scott still has not been allowed to return as a police officer even after getting several medical (mental) clearances from three different medical providers.

An article about Cpl. Scott appeared in the local Wellsboro Gazette in April just after Scott had presented a written statement about his situation and called for action at the Blossburg Municipal's April meeting. After the article ran, Cpl. Scott received a letter from the Blossburg Borough Police Chief that Scott was on suspension without pay while alleging bogus offenses.

FNN did reach out to the Blossburg Police Chief to try and get the other side of this issue. Although FNN has not yet been provided a comment, we have asked for a response to this ongoing situation, as there are always two sides to any situation, debate or issue. If FNN receives a statement from the local police department, it will be added to this article.

"I’m just trying to get attention to the subject. It’s mental health awareness month as well and this entire issue is on time with that. No officer or first responder around here will ever want to reach out for help knowing they could receive this treatment. Not only am I fighting for my job, but for the future officers who may need to seek assistance and not be afraid," stated Cpl. Scott to FNN.

FNN supports all our police, fire and ambulance personnel. Often when there is a disagreement in a department, one side seems to remain silent about the issues due to legal advice. So if the article seems to only be one sided, that is usually the main issue and reason.

FNN will continue to support our local and state police departments as we cover articles of interest to our readers. If you wish to sign the petition than please click the link provided

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