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Pennsylvania continues to be the second largest producer of natural gas in the nation, behind Texas, according to DEP. The oil and gas industry has had a record 2022 in many ways.

Natural gas prices increased over 94.7 percent and stock prices of drillers skyrocketed in Pennsylvania. The industry generally had record LNG natural gas exports linking the U.S. to high-priced markets in Europe and Asia caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The PA Public Utility Commission warned consumers in November surging prices for natural gas were not only increasing the cost of gas provided by utilities by as much as 128 percent, but electric costs would be going up by as much as 34 percent in the state. Read more here.

The PA Environment digest recaps criminal convictions for environmental violations, compliance actions brought by PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro, discusses well abandonments in the state, and continues to examine the use of conventional wastewater on roads.

Compliance issues in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania DEP released an annual report detailing the increase in production and compliance inspections over the past year.

DEP issued a record number of notices of violation to both the conventional — 4,971 — and unconventional shale gas — 1,117 — during 2022, as of December 16.

DEP did 12,535 inspections of conventional operators and 20,919 inspections of unconventional shale gas operators, as of December 16.

In calendar year 2021, DEP issued 4,386 violations to conventional operators and 1,000 violations to unconventional shale gas operators.

In calendar year 2021, DEP did 11,684 inspections of conventional operators and 18,048 inspections of unconventional shale gas operators.

Some of the most significant compliance issues of the year included...

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