Provided by Gary R. Messinger, Pastor, Cedar Run Baptist Church

The older I become the more I dislike change. Do you feel that way? Oh, some changes are okay, and some I even enjoy. For example, I love the changing of the seasons. I would miss the colors of fall, and I look forward to spring when new life emerges. In winter, I would even miss the snow, and I am glad to live in an area where it does snow.

However, for the most part, I do not like too much change in my life. I especially dislike when people, institutions, or companies change their minds, policies, or promises. They say forever but do not really mean it. For example, the Disney Company, for a long time, sold tickets to the amusement parks with the promise that you could use them at any time in the future. The company promised that the tickets would be good forever. I own one of those tickets, and surprise, it is no longer accepted.

There is one whose promises never change; however, and in that I find great solace. Malachi 3:6 tells us, “I, the Lord, do not change.” My Lord and Savior does not change, and He never will change. His promises are eternal. Knowing that we have a God who will never change and that the promises made to us are eternal ones brings me great comfort.

In my Bible the word “forever” and the words translated to mean “forever” appear 379 times. One of those passages is in Exodus 15:18 that tells us that “The Lord will reign forever and ever.”

Wow, I have an eternal God, and He loves me forever. What an awesome promise! But, it gets better. Isaiah 40: 8 states, “The grass withers, and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.” This means I can trust the Scriptures and discover what is the truth. I can trust God’s word and the promises found in Scriptures. I can read and discover what God has planned for me and all humanity.

When those scriptures reveal to me that I am going to “dwell in the house of the Lord forever,” that I will be with the Lord forever, that I will reign with Him forever and ever, and that our heavenly home will be amazing, I am truly thankful (Psalm 23:6).

I serve an eternal God who, when He says “forever,” truly does mean “forever.” His promises are not like so many promises made here on earth by people who really do not mean “forever.”