The Milton Police Department is investigating non-fatal drug overdoses in the Northumberland County area believed to be caused by an unknown opiate.

"We don't know if it's fentanyl," Milton Police Chief Cut Zettlemoyer said.

Milton police recently were dispatched to a local parking lot to respond to an overdose that did not result in death.

The patient was transported to a nearby hospital, according to Chief Zettlemoyer.

"We believe the overdose was related to an opiate," Chief Zettlemoyer said. 

The incident was one of several drug-related overdoses in the Milton area, some assigned to other police departments.

"Over the last several weeks there have been other instances where we've encountered different substances," the police chief said.

At least one overdose also happened in a county adjacent to Northumberland County, although the chief couldn't say which county.

"I can't speak to the other incidents in our area but we will continue to work all the cases and go from there," Chief Zettlemoyer said.