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Press release from Pennsylvania State Police in Montoursville regarding standoff incident today in Waterville:

On 12/31/18 at approximately 0442 hours, Lycoming County EMS was dispatched to 111 Church Street, Waterville, Cummings Township, Lycoming County, for a reported complaint of chest pains by Brant Hartung, 62.

Upon EMS arrival, Hartung denied EMS personnel entry to the home and was again in contact with Lycoming County Control. Hartung allegedly indicated he thought someone was trying to get into his house and poison him.

As EMS personnel retreated from the residence they heard gunfire and PSP was dispatched to the location. Upon police arrival, Hartung refused to exit the residence. At approximately 0739 hours Hartung allegedly fired rounds at law enforcement from within the residence.

PSP SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) was activated and responded to the scene. An arrest warrant for Hartung was obtained for charges of Attempted Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer and Aggravated Assault.

Continued efforts to persuade Hartung to surrender were attempted until Hartung again allegedly fired upon law enforcement. PSP returned gunfire. Hartung was struck and is deceased.

PSP was assisted on the scene by Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Department, DCNR and local fire and EMS departments.