The "St. Michael 9" are splitting their earnings this week after claiming the recent $2 million Powerball sold in Cambria County.

The members of the nine-person group frequently get together at the St. Michael American Legion. The nine players, some of them veterans, pool their money on a weekly basis to play Powerball.

“Everybody turns in $4 a week. We play Mega Millions too,” said Bob MacTavish, one of the winners. “I usually do all of the buying. We have a system.”

MacTavish, a spokesperson for the group, said that they have been playing together for more than a decade, and some of the group’s members are currently retired. He said the way he broke the news to the group happened a bit differently than he had planned.

“I always check the tickets at home in the morning on my computer. This time, I had my wife check it, because I couldn’t fathom seeing all of the zeroes!” said MacTavish. “I was going to wait and call everyone, but I went to the local bank and saw the wife of one of the winners. So, I told her about the prize and that’s when it all started.”

After taxes, each winner will receive an estimated $162,066.

“I can’t speak for the rest of the group, but I don’t have any plans for my part of the prize yet,” said MacTavish.

MacTavish said he’s a retired construction worker. When he’s not at the Legion with his friends, he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, golfing and gardening.

“February was my birthday, so this was a good present!” he added.

“Congratulations to Bob and his group of friends for winning big on Powerball with Power Play,” said Pennsylvania Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko. “This is a great reminder that group or pool play can be a fun and responsible way to play our lottery games, which generate proceeds to help older residents of Pennsylvania.”

The group’s winning ticket matched all five white balls drawn, 11-19-39-44-65, but not the red Powerball 7, to win $2 million, less applicable withholding. Without the $1 Power Play option, the ticket would have been worth $1 million. The Power Play multiplier drawn was two.

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