Instagram Adds Tools To Prevent Online Bullying

The widely popular Social Media app, Instagram has rolled out two, brand-new features in order to curb Cyber Bullying through the platform. "Our mission is to connect you with the people and things you love, which only works if people feel comfortable expressing themselves on Instagram," wrote Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri in the official statement announcing the new features, the first of which is a pop-up message, which reads "Are you sure you want to post this?" when the user clicks "Publish" on comments in whose content the A.I-powered system detects hints of aggressive behavior. Mosseri said after being given the option to reflect upon and undo their comments, several users involved in the feature's early tests have chosen to redact their hurtful judgments. The second feature, which is yet to be tested, will provide users with the option to "Restrict" the activity of certain accounts that have consistently resorted to bullying behaviour. By choosing to restrict a given account, the user will ensure that his or her comments on their posts will only be visible to them. Additionally, the restricted account will no longer be able to view the original user's activity status or receive read receipts in Direct Messages with them. "These tools are grounded in a deep understanding of how people bully each other and how they respond to bullying on Instagram, but they're only two steps on a longer path," Mosseri added. While users are, at present, allowed the options to Block, Unfollow or Report bullies, there is no way, as yet, to do so without letting the person in question know that they have been targeted. On the other hand, by using the Restrict option, it will, in no way, be apparent to the bully that they have been singled out.