What was just an outline on the red brick Firestone Building in downtown Williamsport last week, is evolving into a colorful mosaic with shards of ceramic tile, mirror, glass, and marble. Artists Dave Stabley and Carol Cillo continue their work this week on the mosaic under--so far--what is a vibrant, cloudless blue sky.

The weather hasn’t been entirely cooperative. On a few occasions the pair has had to shut down the work and take cover to avoid storms in the area. Overall, progress is going well. “We’re hoping to grout next week,” said Stabley.

Grouting is the final stage, when the artists fill in the cracks between the shards of mosaic material.

“People from every walk of life have been stopping on the street or yelling [positive] things from their cars as they pass,” said Cillo.

Stop by the corner of Fourth and Market Streets this during First Friday and encourage the artists as they bring the mosaic to life!