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Katrell Bakker, left, and Dennis Bakker are facing drug charges in Columbia County.

Catawissa, Pa. — A man who believed he was wanted on a felony warrant allegedly made up a fake twin brother to fool police about his real identity during a traffic stop.

But a piece of yellow fabric sticking out of the gas cap led police to the man's stashed wallet, which contained his driver's license, according to Catawissa Police Chief Josh Laidacker.

Now Dennis Lydic Bakker, 40, and the driver of the car, Bakker's husband, Katrell Tyquan Bakker, 23, are facing drug and weapons charges for items found in the vehicle during a search.

Here's what police say happened:

Laidacker pulled over a black BMW going 43 mph in a 25 mph zone Friday afternoon. Katrell, who was driving, told police he didn't have his driver's license with him and the BMW belonged to his ex-husband, Dennis. 

A records check showed Katrell's license was suspended. The license photo of the car's registered owner appeared to match the passenger, but when questioned, the man said his name was David Bakker — twin brother of Dennis.

Because the car smelled strongly of marijuana, Laidacker asked the pair to voluntarily turn over any drugs. Katrell reached into a duffel bag and handed over a glass jar with marijuana.

The couple was asked to step out of the car and keep their hands visible while a full search was conducted. Laidacker saw the passenger put his arms down as he was standing near the rear of the car and move like he was manipulating something.

When Laidacker checked the area, he spotted a small piece of yellow fabric sticking out of the gas cap. Inside, he found a Lego wallet containing Dennis Bakker's driver's license.

Dennis admitted lying about his identity, saying he was worried about warrants out of Utah.

Inside the car, Laidacker found a loaded 9 mm Glock pistol in the driver's side door, another loaded 9 mm SAR handgun and a total of 76 grams of marijuana in a bag.

The guns were not registered, though Dennis claimed to have purchased them legally. 

Although Dennis Bakker is facing felony charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child in Salt Lake City, Utah, he was not wanted on an arrest warrant, Laidacker noted.

Both men, who list a home address in Albion, are charged with possession with intent to deliver, carrying a firearm without a license, drug paraphernalia, and possessing prohibited weapons.

Katrell Bakker is also charged with driving with a suspended license and speeding. Dennis Bakker is facing an additional charge of providing false identification to law enforcement.

Katrell Bakker docket sheet

Dennis Bakker docket sheet

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