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Williamsport, Pa. – In early March, the Lycoming County Democratic Committee floated the idea of creating a Democratic Black Caucus and received significant approval from the community. During a series of organizational meetings, the new caucus gained the support of Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter, who has participated in the group's ZOOM meetings.

The newly-organized group has elected its first officers: Jernae Drummond, Director; LaTricia Scutching, Co-Director; Daryle Walton, Jr., Secretary; and Latisha Sweeting, Treasurer.

The Black Caucus supports a comprehensive effort to recognize the loyalty, great dedication, and vast contributions of the Black community to the Democratic Party. Members are committed to advancing the ideals and values of their party and their communities.

The Black Caucus’s goals are to strengthen the influence of the community by electing more Black leaders to elected office and to encourage active participation through training in fundraising, messaging, and voter participation. The group is actively organizing events that raise political awareness, build membership, and provide a venue to discuss issues by working closely with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

The Caucus's next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 12 at 7 p.m. over ZOOM. For more information, contact or

In late spring, the Pennsylvania State Democratic Black Caucus Director, Lisa Rhoades, will officially activate the Lycoming County Caucus.

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