Luke Franzen PennDOT EOM May 2019

Luke Franzen

MONTOURSVILLE - Luke Franzen has been named PennDOT District 3 Employee of the Month for May 2019.

Franzen is the district Environmental Manager working in the Design Unit. He and his staff study and report on the environmental impacts of transportation projects planned by the district. He also supervises and directs activities that comprise the Department’s Sound Environmental Maintenance Practices (SEMP).  

In addition to those core responsibilities, Franzen directs department environmental training programs, monitors and reports on required permits, informs staff of environmental concerns and plans to resolve them, and ensures compliance with mitigation commitments. Franzen continuously coordinates with project managers to provide them with guidance and recommendations for their projects, and also with other units to support county operations and to resolve concerns.

Franzen has done an excellent job managing the Environmental Unit through periods of reorganization, including integration of the SEMP programs and responsibility for coordinating mandated environmental programs and regulations related to storm water management.

While adapting to changes, Franzen and his unit have managed to maintain their normal workload and continue executing environmental clearances needed to keep projects on schedule. In short, there are few areas in the Department that do not benefit from the helpful knowledge and support provided by Franzen and his staff.

Franzen, a 17-year PennDOT employee, lives in South Williamsport with his wife Diane and sons Erik and Jack.