2021-07-25 Jeremy Hanaway

Muncy, Pa. -- Jeremy Hanaway, 37, of Bloomsburg, didn't think his commute to work Friday night in Muncy would be much different than any other commute. However, his evening changed in an instant when he came upon a vehicle crash at the 2000 block of John Brady Drive in Muncy Creek Township. 

A red vehicle was blocking the road and several people were standing on the bridge, according to Hanaway.

He could see smoke coming up by the bridge. When he approached the people on the bridge, they asked if someone had a fire extinguisher, he said. Hanaway could see a pickup truck over the bridge, and it was near the creek water. The truck, which apparently had gone over the bridge and landed on its tires, was fully engulfed in flames, according to Hanaway. He heard a child crying. 

"At that point, I ran down there," Hanaway said, thinking there was no time to wait for someone to arrive with a fire extinguisher. Emergency responders had not yet arrived. "My adrenaline was going." 

Hanaway attempted to open the passenger side door, but it was jammed. He was able to access the child through a rear window. "I unbuckled the child from the car seat and pulled him out the back window of the truck," Hanaway said. The child had a laceration and blood on him. "He was talking and conscious," Hanaway said. The child told him he was four years old. 

Hanaway then turned his attention to the male driver, who was still in the vehicle, and unconscious. Hanaway said he pounded on his chest a few times, but was not able to wake him.

"At that point, the flames were only a couple of inches from his hands." Realizing there was hardly any time left to save the man from burning, he pulled him out by his ankles. 

At that point, it was getting close to when Hanaway had to report to his job at Kellogg's for a 12-hour shift. A woman at the scene said she would stay with the child since Hanaway had to leave.

Hanaway said a fire department SUV pulled up just as he was leaving. LifeFlight was called to the scene. The fire was reported out at 7:01 p.m., according to a scanner report. 

Hanaway, who said he has kids, is now wondering about the status of the man and child. Though some would consider his act to be bravery, Hanaway doesn't think anything of it. "I'm not looking to be a hero. I just want to know they're ok." 

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