The County of Lycoming, City of Williamsport held their inaugural ceremony for elected and appointed officials and Borough and Township officials in the Community Arts Center, Williamsport at 10 a.m. Friday. 

Watch’s live stream of the event.

The ceremony, led by Master of Ceremonies Ken Sawyer, began with the presentation of colors by the Marine Corps League Color Guard with special guest Howard Wilt.

National anthem was sung by Alexis Carnevale, soloist; Pledge of Allegiance was led by Isaac Schriner, Eagle Scout; Invocation presented by Pastor Stan Cary from the Christian Church at Cogan Station.

Dr. John Piper, Jr., retired Dean from Lycoming College spoke to the crowd about the Constitution, the Preamble, and the importance of public servants in office to promote the general welfare. “The torch is passing,” he said, echoing President Kennedy’s famous “the torch has passed to a new generation.” 

It’s notable that members of Generation X or Generation Y (Millennial) being sworn in include District Attorney Ryan Gardner, County Judge Ryan Tira, District Judge Aaron Biichle, Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter, Williamsport City Councilman Vince Pullizzi, Williamsport City Councilman John Mackey, and Williamsport City Councilman Adam Yoder.

Inducting officers:

  • The Honorable Nancy L. Butts, President Judge
  • The Honorable Marc F. Locecchio, Judge
  • The Honorable Joy Reynolds McCoy, Judge
  • The Honorable Eric R. Linhardt, Judge
  • The Honorable Richard A. Gray, Senior Judge

29th Judicial District

Court of Common Pleas:

  • Marc F. Lovecchio
  • Joy Reynolds McCoy
  • Ryan Tira

District Judge (29-1-02):

  • AaronS. Biichle

Lycoming County Elected Officials:

  • Scott L. Metzger, County Commissioner
  • Tony R. Mussare, County Commissioner
  • Rick Mirabito, County Commissioner
  • Krista B. Rogers, County Controller
  • Cindy S. Newcomer, County Treasurer
  • Thomas D. Heap, Prothonotary
  • Ryan C. Gardner, District Attorney
  • Charles E. Kiessling, Jr., Coroner
  • David Huffman, Register and Recorder

City Elected Officials

Mayor of the City of Williamsport, Derek J. Slaughter

City of Williamsport Row Officers:

  • Margaret J. Woodring, Controller
  • Nicholas D. Grimes, Treasurer

City of Williamsport Council Members:

  • Bonnie Katz
  • Adam J. Yoder
  • Jon Mackey
  • Vincent J. Pulizzi

The ceremony was disrupted at this time by an organzied protest by North Central PA ADAPT, protesting the lack of ADA consideration in City and County buildings for people with disabilities. The ceremony continued despite the chanting of protestors.

Lycoming County Appointed Officials:

  • Matthew A McDermott, Chief Clerk
  • J. David Smith, County Solicitor
  • Nicki Brelsford, Deputy Controller
  • Heather Lehman 2nd Deputy Controller
  • Carol Johnson, 1st Deputy Treasurer
  • Penelope J. Cummings, 2nd Deputy Treasurer
  • Kathy Probst, Deputy Prothonotary
  • Kevin Williams, Deputy Clerk of Courts
  • Martin Wade, 1st Assistant District Attorney
  • Joseph Ruby, Assistant District Attorney
  • Lee Fry, Assistant District Attorney
  • Devin Walker, Assistant District Attorney
  • Kirsten Gardner, Assistant District Attorney
  • Jerold Ross, Chief Deputy Coroner
  • Kimber Smith, Deputy Register of Wills
  • Ashley Harman, Deputy Recorder of Deeds

City Appointed Officials:

  • Janice Frank, City Clerk
  • Paulettte Noviello, Deputy Controller

Elected officials from Borough and Township elections took the stage to receive the ceremonial oath of office.

Mary Woods delivered the blessing prayer and the Color Guard proceeded with the retirement of colors to end the ceremony.