Protesters gathered near the front of the stage to disrupt the ceremony mid-way through the program. Law enforcement circled the group, and the inauguration ended without further incident. 

What began as a peaceful and orderly Inaugural Ceremony on Friday morning in Williamsport to swear in elected and appointed officials turned rowdy as a group of protestors gathered before the stage at the Community Arts Center.

Roughly 30 protesters began chanting “What do we want?” “Access!” “When do we want it?” “Now!” just after Mayor Derek Slaughter and Williamsport City Council members took oath. The chanting continued through the remainder of the ceremony, voices rising above the blessing prayer and retirement of Colors by the Color Guard.


Chants continued as Mary Woods (at podium) delivered the blessing prayer in closing.

The goal was to raise awareness to the plight of individuals with disabilities who face limited access to City Hall and other government buildings 

Two individuals will face misdemeanor charges resulting from today’s protest.

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