Milto's Tip

Giovanni Dellomo raised funds to leave a surprise tip to the staff of Mileto's Sub Shop in Williamsport on Saturday. 

Williamsport, Pa. – A Williamsport family donated another surprise tip at a Lycoming County restaurant yesterday. This time, eight-year-old Giovanni Dellomo surprised the staff of Mileto's Sub Shop in Williamsport with $1,000 – and bacon.

Just a few weeks earlier, Gio's family left an $830 tip at The Trail Inn restaurant in Cogan Station to celebrate his mom Alicia Dellomo's birthday. 

Inspired by his mom's tip and the TikTok "tip challenge," Gio decided to raise funds for his favorite sub shop in the area: Mileto's Sub Shop. 

"His parents, family, friends and strangers rallied together to gather up a whopping $1,000 tip in a few short weeks to hand over to the hard working staff at Mileto’s," Alicia said.

But there was one problem: the owner of Mileto's doesn't personally accept cash tips. So how did Gio express his gratitude to her in particular? 

"Gio knew she loved bacon! And tipping her with bacon instead of cash is just what he did!" Alicia said.

As for the rest of the staff, they split the $1,000 tip among them, Alicia said.

"It shows that community, friends and family will always have your back in times when it seems like nobody else does," Alicia Dellomo said.

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