Williamsport, Pa. – Signs regarding Black Lives Matter and Justice for George Floyd were seen in downtown Williamsport today along Market Street Bridge and Market Square at the intersection of Market and W. Third streets.

Around 2 p.m. Saturday, one woman was at Market Square holding a sign that said Justice for George Floyd. The sign also named other African Americans who were killed by law enforcement in recent years, including Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Philandro Castille, Samuel Dubose, Sandra Bland, Walter Scott, and Terrence Crutcher. The woman, who said she made and displayed the signs this morning, was the only person standing outside with signs this afternoon.

Other signs adorned the Batters Up figures at Market Square, including a sign that said the System is Broken and Silence is Violence.

Justice for George Floyd Silence is Violence  _ 2020

Signs pertaining to Justice for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter were found today along Market Street Bridge and Market Square in Williamsport. 

The signs were in response to the recent death of George Floyd, an African American man in Minneapolis who died after being taken into police custody. In a video that went viral, the arresting officer, Derek Chauvin, was seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck as he gasped several times that he couldn’t breathe. Floyd died a short time later.

Protests and looting have been going on in Minneapolis and other major cities for the past five days now. Chauvin was taken into custody on Friday and was charged with third degree murder.

Black Lives Matter unity sign _ 2020

A pray for unity sign also was posted on Market Street Bridge in Williamsport today. 

Though there was no formal rally in Williamsport, protests went on today in many other Pennsylvania cities including Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Philadelphia. The Harrisburg protest became violent when young people starting throwing bricks and water bottles at police officers in riot gear, who in turn released tear gas, according to Pennlive. Several police cruisers were damaged during the protest.

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