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Hughesville, Pa. — A chef at a local pizzeria was charged with numerous offenses after multiple employees accused him of touching them.

Antonio Grigoli, 38, of Hughesville, allegedly made advances toward juvenile workers through 2022 to April of this year, according to Trooper Brian Seibert. The three minors were employed at the Original Italian Pizza near the 300 block of Main Street in Hughesville, police said. All three started working at the restaurant at various times in 2022.

The accusers said Grigoli would start by giving them backrubs that would lead to further touching, Seibert wrote. Grigoli allegedly brushed his genitals against the employees when he would walk by.

In one incident described by "victim 1" in the affidavit, Grigoli grabbed him around the waist as he was bent over getting cheese, Seibert wrote. Another time Grigoli allegedly slapped him in the butt with a spatula.

"[Accuser] felt that A. Grigoli was grooming him to see how far he would allow A. Grigoli to get away with," Seibert wrote.

"Victim 2" told police that Grigoli would rub his groin on the back of his leg and moan. Once, before using the restroom, the juvenile said, Grigoli patted him down to ensure he didn't have his cell phone. In doing so, Grigoli allegedly touched the juvenile's inner leg and brushed his hand against his genitals.

A third accuser described similar behaviors of touching. He reported to police that Grigoli asked if he wanted to get dinner out, or have breakfast at McDonalds, investigators said. Grigoli allegedly went to the juvenile’s football games throughout 2022.

Grigoli told "victim 3" that he was 25 to 27. Grigoli's actual age is 38, Siebert wrote.

All three accusers said Grigoli would touch them in the back of the restaurant where there were no cameras, and would only touch them when no one else was around. All three also reported they felt Grigoli was getting sexual pleasure from the contact, according to court records.

Grigoli was charged with three counts each of unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault without another’s consent, and indecent assault of a person less than 16 years of age. Unlawful contact is a third-degree felony.

He is being held at the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $99,000 monetary bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 26 with Judge Gary Whiteman.

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