Judge Mark Lovecchio_2019.png

Lycoming County Common Pleas Judge Marc Lovecchio. Photo courtesy of Office of the District Court Administrator

Lycoming County Common Pleas Judge Marc Lovecchio was elected by unanimous affirmation as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges (PCSTJ) this past July.

As Secretary, Judge Lovecchio is in line to become President of the Conference in 2024 for a one-year term.

The PCSTJ was first formed in 1987 with the mission to promote the administration of justice throughout the Commonwealth by researching and disseminating to its members information of interest to the judiciary. Annual meetings are held with the membership which consists of all of the state trial and appellate judges. These meetings are designed to improve the judiciary through varied educational and other programs which have been certified to meet the requirements of mandatory judicial education.

The PCSTJ works with many other organizations such as bar associations and law schools to promote projects designed to improve the administration of law. There are numerous PCSTJ Committees which assist is improving the judiciary including but not limited to Education, Ethics, Problem Solving Courts, Orphan’s Court, Criminal Law, Corrections, Civil Law, and Legislative.