Lewisburg - A 65-year-old Lewisburg man is facing two misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure after a woman accused him of exposing himself to her in front of Barnes and Noble Bookstore last month.

Charges against Robin G. Smith of 50 N. Third St., Lewisburg, were filed by the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department on Aug. 12, 2019.

According to the police affidavit, the victim called to report Smith sitting in front of the bookstore at 400 Market St., where he allegedly opened his legs and propped one leg up. When he did so, the victim said his genitals were visible and he looked directly at her during the act. The complainant told police she believes he has been committing the act for the past several months as he can often be seen sitting in front of the store or inside at the cafe area, making similar movements when females are in the vicinity.

The store manager told police Smith has been issued a written and verbal notice prohibiting him from being on bookstore property, as he had received complaints from customers who stated Smith had made them uncomfortable with his actions and had himself witnessed him opening his legs to females when they walked past.

Upon questioning, Smith reportedly told police he "didn't mean to do it."

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 26, 2019, in front of District Judge Richard P. Cashman.