Submitted June 16, 2021

I am an uncle of a trans teen in middle school going from female to male and I understand it can be hard on the parent, but even harder on the one who feels and knows they are not in the right body they were given at birth. We as Americans need to be more compassionate towards these people and show them love and respect just like every other person out there.

These type of people have feelings, too, and I wish Williamsport had a trans pride parade in this town cause right now they don't, or even have a trans pride community festival day, so people can know where to go and get support and help.

Plus our local county officials, state officials, and United State officials need to do more to bring tougher protection laws for these type of people and tougher laws against those who treat these kind of people badly.

Just hope our city leaders read this and understand the concept of every human life out there.

We're not God, so we should not Judge; only God should Judge.

Trans lives matter, trans is Beautiful, and I support trans lives.

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