JVB fine free

Williamsport, Pa. – On January 1, 2021, the James V. Brown Library officially transitioned into a fine-free library. The change affects items owned by the library including Links, Bookmobile, and Storymobile books, music, and DVDs.

Please note that hotspot portable wi-fi devices will still accrue fines at the rate of $3 per day. DVDs still cost 25 cents to check out, but do not accrue overdue fees. Items borrowed from other libraries within the Lycoming County Library System are still subject to those libraries’ overdue fines.

“This is a great way to remove barriers for library patrons,” said Barbara S. McGary, Executive Director of the library. “This is the right investment at the right time and it really helps us be a part of the solution to eliminate the disparity of poverty in our community.”

Fees will still be charged for lost, damaged, and never-returned items. If you still would like to support the library, click here to donate online.

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