US Calls For Political Reforms, Elections In Iraq

Trump said new book on him shows "very bad and corrupt people on the other side." As deadly anti-government protests continue to worsen in Iraq, the United States called on the Iraqi Government to hold parliamentary elections and implement political reforms A statement issued by the White House also appealed to the Iraqi authorities to halt violence against protesters that has claimed the lives of more than 300. According to an Iraqi Parliamentary committee, 319 people, including protesters and security forces, have been killed as mass rallies demanding political reforms rocked the capital Baghdad and the Shiite-majority south since October 1. AFP quoted parliament's human rights committee as saying that snipers were active near protest sites and hunting rifles were used against protesters. The country's political leadership did not respond to the demands, but unleashed a crackdown on the demonstrators using security forces. The White House Press Secretary said the United States is seriously concerned over continued attacks against protesters, civic activists and the media, as well as restrictions on Internet access in Iraq. Washington urged the Iraqi government to halt the violence against protesters and fulfill President (Barham) Saleh's promise to pass electoral reform and hold early elections The UN Assistance Mission to Iraq earlier made a similar call to Baghdad. The United States accused the Iranian regime of using their resources, armed groups, and political allies to stop the Iraqi people from peacefully expressing their views. "We also call on the rest of the international community to join us in supporting a better future for the Iraqi people," the White House statement added.