Fire rips through the Morley residence at 419 Zepher Street in Ulysses, PA on February 22, 2021.

Reprinted with permission from First News Now. 
Ulysses, Pa. – Fire crews from Ulysses, Genesee, Harrison Valley and Westfield rushed to the scene of a two-story house fire around 4:15 a.m. early Monday morning, February 22, 2021.

The Morley residence at 419 Zepher Street in Ulysses comes down so firefighters can extinguish the flames.

Fire personnel arrived at 419 Zepher Street by 4:18 a.m. and the home was already well involved in flames. The Morley family safely evacuated the home before fire crews arrived on scene.


Fire rips through the Morley residence at 419 Zepher Street in Ulysses, PA on February 22, 2021.

Early reports indicated that heavy flames were seen by neighbors who were woken up during the incident. Fire crews spent hours fighting this blaze. Crews had to bring in heavy equipment to tear down the 121 year old home, in order to finally extinguish the flames.
The family of six watched in tears as their home burnt, and was later leveled.

The Morley residence prior to the fire that destroyed the 121 year-old home.

The family's home and contents were a total loss. The family did have insurance on the home, but it will take some time before the family can start rebuilding.
It was noted to FNN that the Morleys' have been offered a vacant house nearby to use until they rebuild, but again they presently do not have anything to set up a home. That will come with time and with the help of their neighbors, their community and surrounding area residents.
At this time, the family is in need of clothing and if anyone can assist here are the sizes:
1. Abigail : 26 pants, 3x shirts, bra 42D, underwear 13, 11 shoe size.
2. Seth: 38x32 pants, 3x shirts, briefs Lg, 9-1/2 mens shoe size.
3. William: men's medium for pants, men's medium shirts, 6 boys shoe size. (10 years-old)
4. Carter: 14 -16 boys pants, xlg boy shirts, 4 shoe size. (7 years-old).
5. Silas: 8 pants and shirts, 2 shoe size. (8 years-old).
6. Namoi : Size 3 for pants, medium shirts, 9 ladies shoe size. (Adult).
FNN has requested additional information as to drop off locations and a contact number for those wishing to assist this family. When that information becomes available it will be added to this article.
The family expresses their thanks to the firefighters and all those who came out to fight the fire or to offer assistance to them during this hard time.