Agent Brittany Alexander stands beside Williamsport Mayor Gabriel Campana while Chief Hagan of the Wiliamsport Bureau of Police announces her historic promotion within the department. 

Brittany Alexander and the Williamsport Police Department have made history. During an Aug. 6 news conference, Alexander, a police officer on the force was promoted to agent. Alexander is the first female officer to ever achieve a promotion above the rank of police officer in the Bureau’s 153-year history. 

“Our Bureau has maintained a long history of diversity,” said Chief Damon Hagan. “Four of 47 officers are female, the most ever in Williamsport Police Department history.”

In addition to her rank as agent, Alexander is also a sergeant in the U.S. Army. She is twice decorated as an officer, having earned the Gallantry Star for the arrest of an of an armed individual, and a Meritorious Service Medal for the pursuit of a murderer who also shot an officer.

Alexander, who was just returning from three weeks of military leave when the department announced her promotion, says she was “overwhelmed and very grateful for the opportunity. I look forward to the extra time to work diligently on investigations,” she said.

Alexander is assigned for duty with the Criminal Investigation Unit (C.I.U.) under the command of Lt. Brian Womer. Chief Hagan commended her as “a Pennsylvania girl, an army sergeant, a great officer, and a good friend to all of us.”