4h club and butter sculptures.jpg

The Dauphin County 4-H Club and American Dairy Association members disassemble the butter sculpture. Source: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

The 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show has come to an end after delighting 500,000 visitors over eight days. With the exhibitors leaving the Farm Show Complex, so too did the show's iconic 1,000 pound butter sculpture. Dauphin County 4-H Club and American Dairy Association members disassembled and collected the butter, which will be taken to Reinford Farms in Juniata County to be converted into renewable energy.

You can watch a time lapse video of the sculpture disassembly here.

farm show 2020 calving corner.jpg

16 adorable calves were born in the 2020 Farm Show's Calving Corner. Source: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

To finish off the celebration of our state's agriculture industry and the 2020 Farm Show, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture collected some statistics about the eight days of festivities:

  • 16 Calves born at the Calving Corner; nine heifer calves and seven bull calves.
  • 11 sleepy piglets.
  • 380 chicks hatched.
  • 450 gallons of milk a day produced by dairy cows.
  • Nearly 2,000 butterflies.
  • 1,290 pounds — weight of largest, blue-ribbon winning pumpkin. Pennsylvania ranks fourth in the nation in production of pumpkins, growing 6,900 acres.
  • 24 college scholarships totaling $84,000, were awarded to agriculture students by the Farm Show Scholarship Foundation.
  • 420 first-year FFA students from across the commonwealth earned their distinctive blue corduroy coats at the 91st FFA Mid-Winter Convention held annually at the Farm Show.
  • Half-ton of butter in the sculpture of Pennsylvania's sport mascots featuring Gritty, Swoop and Steely McBeam. The butter sculpture goes to a methane digester and is converted to renewable energy.
  • Nearly 800 state and local officials heard about the state of agriculture in Pennsylvania, and innovators benefiting from state investments in their future from Secretary Russell Redding during Public Officials Day.
  • More than 57,500 cars parked in Farm Show Complex-operated lots.
  • PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center is one million square feet.
  • Nearly 12,000 competitive exhibits, including more than 5,200 animal competitions.
  • Pennsylvania Co-operative Potato Growers sold 12.5 tons of French fries, some 22,000 potato donuts and six tons of baked potatoes.
  • 19,000 gallons of ice cream used for milkshakes and ice cream cones, 7,000 pounds of mozzarella for cheese cubes and 450 loaves of bread for grilled cheese sold by the Pennsylvania Dairyman's Association.
  • 70 cooking demonstrations at the Culinary Connection stage.
  • Combined premium winnings of show animals in all classes: $200,000.
  • Honey extracted during demonstrations at Farm Show: 100 gallons.
  • A team of two Belgium horses from Bradford County, owned by Dwight Shoemaker, broke the Farm Horse Pull record, pulling 7,850 pounds.
  • A record number, 36 whoopie pies entered in the baking contest.

The 104th farm show broke records, introduced new tasty treats, and brought us the first-ever male winner of the show's chocolate cake contest. We can't wait to see what the 105th show will bring in 2021!