Williamsport, Pa. —Crossed arms and noncompliance rarely if ever work when police are the ones issuing the orders.

It didn’t work for Nathanael Josia Zeigler, 21, of Williamsport, who was accused of refusing to leave his former employers’ business. When police arrived at the location on May 11, Zeigler refused orders from them as they attempted to take him into custody.

For his noncompliance, Zeigler was drive stunned and OC sprayed before authorities were able to control him. According to an affidavit filed by officers, Zeigler resisted for approximately three minutes and thirty seconds.

Court records show Zeigler was issued a summons on May 17 for a preliminary hearing. Zeigler was charged with second-degree resisting arrest and third-degree defiant criminal trespassing.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 28 with Judge Christian Frey.

Docket sheet

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