Eric Beiter offers his "Contract with Williamsport" as he moves ahead in his campaign for Williamsport Mayor. 

“Since announcing my campaign for Mayor last November, I have had the opportunity to meet with thousands of people from all over the City of Williamsport," said Eric Beiter. "People from all walks of life agree, Williamsport can and must do better. Folks are tired of vague promises, they are looking for real solutions to serious problems.

"As a businessman, I’ve always believed that the customer should know what they are getting when they come to see me. Why should politics be any different? When you vote for me to be Mayor, you will know exactly what you are getting. If elected, the following items will be acted upon within the first year of my administration. It’s not just a promise, it’s my Contract with Williamsport. Let’s give Williamsport A Fresh Start"

1. Economic Development

“The unemployment rate and median income in the The City of Williamsport  has lagged behind the state and national average for far too long. We need to be a leader in job creation and family sustaining wages.”

As your next Mayor, I will:

  • Work actively to encourage public-private partnerships which will create family sustaining jobs.
  • Form an Economic Development Commission to attract new business and help existing employers grow.
  • Strengthen our relationship with the Chamber of Commerce.

2. Public Safety

“Williamsport cannot grow if its citizens are not safe. Recent events have demonstrated that more needs to be done to fight violent crime and drugs in our City.”

As your next Mayor, I will:

  • Establish a Public Safety Commission to develop programs,      recommendations and identify public safety deficiencies.
  • Implement a building code compliant operation with standards that      provide uniformity, which will result in better property values, elimination of blight, and a safer and more sustainable community.
  • Promote active community policing and encourage citizen involvement.

3. City Leadership

“Effective city leadership willing to hold city departments to a higher standard is required to ensure that the taxpayers receive timely and meaningful services from their local government.”

As your next Mayor, I will:

  • Conduct a full review of city organization to identify areas where services can be improved and reduce costs.
  • Be accessible to community leaders and citizens by having regular office hours.
  • Hold quarterly Town Hall meetings around the City.

4. Community Parks & Recreation

“The best and most important investments we can make are in the health, safety, and enjoyment of our residents. Our parks have been ignored for too long.”

As you next Mayor, I will:

  • Update the City Parks Plan and provide for all-inclusive access to playground equipment and recreational opportunities.
  • Schedule “Bring out the Neighborhood” in all parks which will increase use and socialization.
  • Coordinate with area healthcare entities as they build out their community wellness outreach.

5. Streets and Infrastructure

“Visitors, residents, and business owners often judge a city by the condition of its streets and other infrastructure. Williamsport needs to rebuild its critical infrastructure in order to demonstrate industry investment readiness and attract new residents.”

As your next Mayor, I will:

  • Ensure that the City stays actively involved in the levee repair program.
  • Focus on street paving projects and repairing storm water infrastructure.
  • Work to complete the Grafius Run flood mitigation project.