Williamsport City Hall. 

The City Council was informed Thursday night of personnel changes within the government of the City of Williamsport. William E. Nichols, Jr., former city finance director and head of River Valley Transit Authority is no longer employed with the city. 

Additionally, former city engineer with the streets and parks department Mark Benner was released from his duties. 

"Bill Nichols and Mark Benner are no longer employees of the city," said Mayor Slaughter.

Nichols had been head of River Valley Transit, the Lycoming County transportation system since 1978. Benner worked for PennDOT for 20 years prior to his post as city engineer, which former Williamsport Mayor Gabe Campana announced in June of 2018.

"Mayor Slaughter has demonstrated real leadership with this move," Jason Fitzgerald, president of Penn Strategies, a consulting firm that frequently works with the City of Williamsport, said. “Transparency and accountability are very important elements of successful government. I have been on record for at least three years pointing out the lack of both associated with the former Administration."